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freemanwow, Victoria, Canada
Victoria, Canada
any woman who is serious in marriage only and needs a man with her or knows a woman from her relatives, friends or acquaintances to Tell them about my file, feel free to send me a message, do not hesitate to send me a message, I am waiting for you eagerly and warm heart(4-2-2020)
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I thank every serious woman who wants to marry, read my profile,I am from Jerusalem, I want to immigrate, I am looking for a girl from Canada, romanian,ukraine,Australia, America or Europe for marriage and stability
I am looking for a girl who has a house for marriage, and I work with the aim of forming a family and a decent life★ Why does the house so that the money does not go to the rented home, but to your happiness and welfare, that the family must work both parties to make it a success ♥I am an Arab looking for girl who wants eternal marriage. I am looking for a girl who has a home for eternal marriage, and I travel to you because I only have money to travel and find work so that we can live in dignity

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