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chrisyboy, Epping, Essex, United Kingdom
Epping, Essex, United Kingdom
im looking for a nice kind careing girl who enjoys life,has to be pretty,who is willing to share life has to be a loyal person ie doesnt cheat
Looking for:

ok some good points,i now realise i have the abilty to change,to be re-inventive,everything is constantly changing and its good to be able to adapt.
sometimes im a little deep,im always ahead of the conversation and its good to be confident this way

i dont mean to float my own boat but i have alot of talent,i use it everyday so why shouldnt i mention it,my flair is my personallity,and i have the abilty to do anything i want to or asked after
so please dont look down at that

i would picture myself as being in the middle of being a lad to a grown up only because i make alot of jokes,the key to being funny is over exaggerating everything
im like this because everything else has a serious twist,i take my work seriously,its not just a day job,im ambitious and love to get new knowledges
if i was a biscuit id have to be a rich tea because i could absorb so much! and im sweet

if i could tell you one piece of information about most men,id say their creeps with no real deluge,so be careful on here! luckily im not like this

i have made myself into a purpose built human being,the way real men are supposed to be
im not perfect by a long shot but who is
at least i give my best effort in everything i do
so you would get that 100%
affection in understanding what you like and want, a strength to relax with

thats it

x chris x

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