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deathwish, Morganton, North Carolina, United States
Morganton, North Carolina, United States
marriage someone i can move to or they move here im also looking for someone that will make all my desires come true. But im honestly looking for a life partner
Looking for:

first off, i am different from anyone you will ever meet. i like to
fish and do other outdoors stuff. i love to go hang out no matter
were it is. i am very respectfull and i'm extremely mature.
i can't seem to have any luck with girls because they all cheat, lie,
or even abuse me. i usually date older woman because they seem
to know what they want in life. i just wanna find a girl that won't
do that to me. i've been cheated on in every relationship and i have
my heart on my sleeves still, i dont know why but i do. i treat girls
like queens and i am looking for long term but it seems they arent
a girl out there truly looking for that. i wanna just have one
chance with a girl that will not hurt me. i will treat her the best i
know how and i would hold onto it and never look back.
i am the type of guy that can overlook everything and forgive
anyone. i will never cheat, steal, or lie unless it's to protect
i have a great job, i make about 4,000 a week.
i have a great personality! my name is daniel costner and i have
yahoo messanger, so if you would like to add me to yours it's
i don't care what type of person you are or what you've done in
the past, i would love to get to know you and hang out sometime. i
am on here because it's been a while since i've been on a date and i
am finally ready to start dating the way, i love kids. i
am really just looking for a girl that will treat me right, regardless
of her past, and i will return the courtesy and treat her like gold.
some say i am a lil pushy, but everyone has their quirks. i would
love to find one girl out there that would not cheat, lie, or hurt me
and actually give me a chance. i love to cuddle and just be there
and spend time with her. i guess one day i might find that girl, but
hey, till then i guess i will be looking.
On the first date i would do anything that the girl would like to do,
although i would prefer a romantic dinner or just sitting at home
addition to profile:
those of you who think life sucks or god is punishing you, you're
probably right, but he does it to all of us and life just sucks in
general. anyway, i will never get over what has happened in the
past... i've just come to terms and moved on. i learn from every
mistake and sometimes even repeat that mistake, but at least i
know it's what caused me to get hurt last time. i still carry my
heart on my sleeves, i just don't hurt as bad because i think it's
better to love someone for the time you have them than to love
someone and not ever get a chance. life and people are always
putting me down but i move on because i know no matter what
else i always get stronger. if it wasn't for people that care about
me right then i would be gone.... i've lost many of them, and lots of
friends have come an gone. some have been my fault and some not,
but i respect them for what they did while they were here and i
am still honored to have known them, so this is to all my friends,
ex friends, and a few enemies that were there when i needed
them: THANKS!!!
well, i guess all i have to say is if you like me then i am more than
willing to give you a chance. well, if yall wanna know more add me
to you friends list, bye!
i could sit here and feed you some stupid line of how beautiful you
are and i could sit here and tell you some lies that every girl wants
to hear, but the truth is on my profile if you read it you will learn
alot about me. what you don't learn i will tell you. i sound like
a****sometimes and im a little too blunt, but i don't believe in
beating around the bush, so here is the basics about me: i don't
cheat and i hate people who do. i don't lie, as you can see, but if its
to protect someone i will lie. i'm not going to send any girl on a wild
goose chase and i'm looking for love, not sex, not a faze. i don't
want something that only lasts a week or a few months. it's
either long term or nothing.
P.S. i don't mean to sound so terrible but i'm tired of getting hurt
and i don't wanna get played. i'm a good guy that brings my girl
breakfast in bed and i take care of her and make sure she is
satasfied in every aspect. i love kids and i'm a one in a million kind
of guy-you will never find another like me!

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