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Ashie, 19970607, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, United States
St Thomas, Virgin Islands, United States
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I want to say that I am a very calm, whole-hearted, sincere and open-minded girl. I am not one of those girls who are used to crying and giving up, I always try to achieve my goals and do my best to change my life for the better. I can say that my life is
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Need partner: 35 - 75 years old
I dream about a romantic and warm relationship, which can make me shine with happiness. I am looking for a kind, interesting and sincere man, who is ready to support me and be the whole world for me. I want to be a caring, loving and loyal soulmate and wife, to make every day special for my man. I want to become a sunbeam on the rainiest day, a breath of fresh air amidst the sultry heat and a guiding star for my better half. In return, I expect sincere and warm feelings, love and splendid moments together.

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